Boa Cowee

Boa Cowee

Research Director

Boa Cowee is an ethnobotanist, master herbalist, wildcrafter, native plant specialist, and experienced field biologist. She has studied and worked with plants for two decades in North and South America. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Boa worked in mental health for 12 years as a crisis intervention specialist for psychiatric in-patients, group facilitator, and supervisor in a maximum-security prison. She also taught Mindfulness Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at an addiction treatment center. During this time, Boa began practicing Tibetan Buddhism.

On a personal quest to South America in 2000, Boa organized a 1,000-mile river boat journey from Ecuador to Peru and continued traveling in South America for four months. This led her to studying natural plant medicines with Peruvian Curandarismo. She took a particular interest in the Sapo frog medicine known today as Kambo and became one of the first practitioners in North America.

After launching her career in natural medicine in 2008, she founded Green Boa Botanicals. Four years later, she became a Master Herbalist in Eastern and Western Botanical Medicine. Boa also worked as a botanist and biologist for a variety of projects, such as native plant surveys, noxious and invasive plant inventories and mapping, land stewardship, habitat monitoring, training, and consulting. She currently offers healing sessions, practitioner trainings, transformational ceremonies, and wellness retreats.

As Research Director for the Perma Vida Foundation, Boa enjoys helping identify and source the best varieties of fruit trees, researching native and non-invasive plants, and going on planting adventures… Let’s grow!