Our Services

A healthy planet needs healthy people.

At Casa Perma Vida, we provide a range of services and events that support natural health on all levels. We empower our clients, and in turn, they empower us to support local social benefit projects, such as the Diamante Bridge Collective’s alternative school and Free the Food. By caring for ourselves, each other, and the Earth, we cultivate thriving communities.

Welcome to the Ape Gym!

Our calisthenics gym includes two tracks of monkey bars (with different thickness, height, and space between), pull-up and dip bars, gymnastic rings, TRX straps, yoga mats, jump ropes, rebounder, battle ropes, workout bands, jacuzzi, cold tub, and an outdoor shower. For integrating some free weight exercises, we also have a bench press, barbell, EZ bar, and adjustable dumbbells. Plus, the main road in our neighborhood is wonderful for barefooting, tree climbing, and exploring the jungle. Let’s get fit!

We are located in a private community, so please call in advance for directions, gate code, and let us know when you are coming. If you wish to arrange an ice bath or have the jacuzzi hot, we may need up to 5 hours notice. For morning service, please call the day before. The gym area is open everyday except Tuesday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Make your reservation with Zander (+506-8694-8609) via Whatsapp or Telegram. To learn more about group fitness classes, see our events page.

Our rates:

  • Hourly: $8
  • Daily: $22
  • Weekly: $55
  • Monthly: $137
  • Group Fitness Class (90 min) + Jacuzzi/Cold Tub (30 min): $12 
  • Personal Training Session (90 min) + Jacuzzi/Cold Tub (30 min): $73

Natural Health Coaching 

  • Health Consultation (in-person or online): $45 / hour
  • Coaching Program (1-hour meeting, twice a week): $240 / month
  • Regenerative Detox Retreat (master bedroom with king-size bed + raw foods and/or fresh juices): $160 / day

Holistic Therapies

  • Massage: $50 / hour (Tim or Tessa) or $100 / hour (T&T’s Four-Hand Massage)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) chamber: $64 / hour
  • Far-Infrared (FIR) Sauna with Optional Ozone (03): $50 / hour
  • Ozone (O3) insufflation, cupping, or bagging: $33 (approx. 30 min)
  • Private Ice Bath + Jacuzzi: $25 / 30 min, Additional People/Ice: $15 each

** Learn more about our holistic therapies with articles, images, and videos here.

Discount Packages

  • Fire & Ice: far-infrared sauna (60 min) + jacuzzi with ice bath (30 min): $70
  • Relax & Regenerate: far-infrared sauna (60 mil) + jacuzzi with cold tub (30 min) + hyperbaric oxygen (60 min): $100
  • Ultimate Oxygen Experience: ozone insufflation (approx. 30 min) + far-infrared sauna (60 min) + hyperbaric oxygen (90 min): $140
  • Packages of 20+ Sessions (any individual therapies): 20% off 

Support Public Food & Health Freedom for All

Wherever people lack the means to healthy natural living, we have work to do. Just as many hands make light work, many small donations can make a huge difference. Thank you for supporting our mission to cultivate thriving communities worldwide.