Jordy Vink

Jordy Vink

Movement Facilitator

An adventurer and natural lifestyle enthusiast, Jordy “Tarzan” Vink grew up in the Netherlands and embraced multiple sports disciplines from an early age. His passion for movement led him to study sports management in college. During this time, he founded his own movement education center. Over the course of a decade, he expanded his skillsets as a movement coach and entrepreneur.

As the result of a powerful spiritual experience, he decided to close his business in chilly Holland and move to warm Costa Rica. There he was introduced to the aerial trapeze and an exciting new range of movement styles. Soon he manifested the new life he envisioned, filled with greater movement and adventure.

Currently based in Platanillo, he continues teaching others about natural movement, nature connection, and healthy lifestyle habits. He’s now gearing up to host retreats and workshops to help others grow, stay true, and expand into their highest potential.

Jordy’s a playful rebel and a peaceful warrior, here to shine a bright light, in service of our beautiful planet. His mission is to empower others to be true to themselves. He is delighted to support Perma Vida by planting trees, building the soil, leading movement workshops, and bringing the fun!