Welcome to Casa Perma Vida!

We offer a variety of wellness services which help us to support regenerative community projects, such as Regenesis, Free the Food, and Diamante Bridge Collective. By caring for ourselves, each other, and the planet, we are co-creating paradise.

Wellness Services

All services are by appointment in Platanillo de Barú. We are generally open everyday, except Tuesdays and Sundays, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Contact Zander at +506-8694-8609 (via Telegram or WhatsApp) to schedule your session and get directions with current gate code. The area around the house is also a wonderful place to walk barefoot, climb trees, and connect with nature.

  • Gym Pass
    Utilize the movement space with hot/cool tubs, shower, yoga swing, yoga mats, monkey/pull-up/dip bars, gymnastics rings, TRX straps, bench press and free weights, rebounder, workout bands, and other accessories. $10 / 90 minutes, or $50 / month unlimited
  • Group Fitness Class
    Enjoy the motivation and fun of working out with friends. Relax in the jacuzzi and cool tub after class. See Events page for schedule. $15 / 90 minutes
  • Ice Bath + Jacuzzi
    Take a “polar ape” dip in a bathtub loaded with giant homemade ice cubes. Jacuzzi included for both cold and hot plunges. $30 / 1 hour + $5 / additional person
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
    Breathe pure oxygen while relaxing in a pressurized chamber to reduce inflammation, increase stem cells, heal wounds and old injuries, repair DNA, and improve mental clarity. $80 / 90 minutes, 15% off 15 sessions 
  • Ozone (O3) Therapy
    Experience ozone insufflation and topical applications to eliminate pathogens (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins) and boost immunity. $30 (approx. 15 min)
  • Hydrogen (H2) Therapy
    Breathe 67% H2 and drink H2-water to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, improve athletic and cognitive performance, and promote longevity. $15 / 30 minutes
  • Far-Infrared (FIR) Sauna with Optional Ozone
    Elevate your metabolism and sweat to help detoxify your skin and lymphatic system. $20 / 30 minutes
    Add ozone inside sauna with head outside: $10
  • Massage/Bodywork from Local Practitioners
    Acupuncture, Cupping, Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Four-Hand Massage. $60 to 120 / hour
  • Natural Health Coaching with Zander
    Gain new insight into your health challenges based on understanding our true nature as great apes. Receive support in setting goals, tracking, and celebrating your progress. $30 / hour or $200 / month unlimited
  • Raw Foods and/or Juice Feast
    Stay in a private room and enjoy an abundance of fresh raw foods and/or juices. Ingredients sourced from local organic farms. $75 to 115 / day
  • Personal Retreat
    Stay in a private room with high-speed internet, bring your own plant-based foods, access the gym/jacuzzi, and enjoy the mountain/ocean views. $55 to 85 / day
  • Host Your Special Event
    Rent the common space for your health-conscious gathering. Utilize the spacious living room, balcony, kitchen, gym/jacuzzi, and fire pit. $200 / 4 hours

Discount Packages

  • Fire & Ice: Far-infrared sauna (60 min) + jacuzzi and ice bath (60 min): $60
  • Relax & Regenerate: Far-infrared sauna (30 min) + hyperbaric oxygen (90 min) + jacuzzi and cold tub (30 min): $110
  • The Ultimate Oxygen Experience: ozone insufflation (15 min) + far-infrared sauna (60 min) + hyperbaric oxygen (90 min): $135
  • Package of 15 sessions of any individual therapy: 15% discount