About Us

Perma Vida Foundation is cultivating a thriving world by empowering regenerative communities and resilient ecosystems.

Our primary aim is to catalyze the development of publicly-accessible community food forests, nurseries for fruit trees and support species, seed banks, tool-sharing libraries, alternative schools, and wellness centers. Applying the principals of permaculture, we propagate healthy human foods while naturally restoring topsoil, watersheds, and ecosystems.

We support other organizations and projects that are aligned with our values, ​​and by documenting our efforts, we co-create resources for homesteaders and ecovillages around the world.

To support these endeavors, Casa Perma Vida offers amenities for regenerative detoxification, relocation and transition consulting, health coaching, fitness classes, and special events. Our skill-sharing workshops bring students and teachers of all ages together to learn, heal, grow, and thrive.

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Meet the Team

Zander Hathaway
Zander HathawayWellness Director, Cofounder
Gwendy Obando Corella
Gwendy Obando CorellaLegal Director, Cofounder
Travis Britzke
Travis BritzkePermaculture Director
Timothy Johnson
Timothy JohnsonEducation Director
Ryan Hetner
Ryan HetnerGarden Guru
Jordy Vink
Jordy VinkMovement Facilitator
Ara Favrot
Ara FavrotDirector, Free the Food
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Support Public Food & Health Freedom for All

Wherever people lack the means to healthy natural living, we have work to do. Just as many hands make light work, many small donations can make a huge difference. Thank you for supporting our mission to cultivate thriving communities worldwide.