REGENESIS Permaculture Design and Education

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REGENESIS in collaboration with Perma Vida Foundation provides professional permaculture services guided by the
3 Ethics of Permaculture: Care for the Earth, Care for the People and Fair Share. We help our clients achieve their goals while serving our planet, caring for our fellow human beings, and supporting a more equitable distribution of resources for present and future generations.

As design facilitators, we use the Holistic Decision-Making Framework to help our clients. This involves creating clearly articulated quality-of-life statements that support a holistic context. This process ensures that we are serving the very essence of what our clients desire by transforming unconscious and limiting cultural programming into empowered thinking and decision making.

5% of REGENESIS proceeds go directly to Perma Vida Foundation for projects serving the well-being of people and our abundant planet.

All our services begin with the following protocol to ensure efficiency and clarity:

  1. The client completes the New Project Questionnaire below with images attached.
  2. The REGENESIS team reviews the information and schedules an orientation video call.
  3. Together, we create an agreement on the nature and cost of our services.

On-Site Services

Walk & Talk

  • After reviewing your project information, we visit the site, share our observations, and answer any questions.
  • $150 per hour, minimum 2 hours.*

On-site Analysis

  • After reviewing your project information, we conduct an in-depth 3+ hour visit to collect data, assess the site’s potential to achieve your goals, and provide you with a 6-10 page report of our findings. This can serve as the basis for a Design Plan.
  • Price depends on project size and complexity, generally ranging from $1,500 to $3,000.

Permaculture and Agroforestry Design Plan

  • After conducting an on-site analysis, we work with your core team members to create a conceptual design and implementation plan. This can become a detailed presentation of the Master Plan. We specialize in syntropic agroforestry strategies that use native, naturalized, and exotic species to create unique designs for forest gardens, eco-villages, and organic farms.
  • Price depends on project size and complexity, generally ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.*

Implementation Supervision

  • Once the design plan is complete, we help your team manage site preparations, forest garden installation, and initial maintenance.
  • Price depends on project size and complexity. $800 for 1 full-day (7 am to 4 pm) of hands-on training and supervision.
  • Ongoing support: $800/month includes one site visit per month (includes 4 hours of supervision/training) and unlimited remote support via WhatsApp or Telegram.*

Personalized Trainings and Workshops in English and/or Spanish

  • Topics include: forest gardening, syntropic agroforestry, tree pruning, embodied permaculture, ancestral permaculture, holistic decision making and living design process, team building, nonviolent communication, the council path, dragon dreaming, and sociocracy. We are open to requests for other topics that are in alignment.
  • $150 per hour, 2 hour minimum.*

* Client is responsible for costs of travel, lodging, meals, and taxes if applicable.

Remote Services

Video Call Consultation

  • After reviewing your information, we will connect face to face online, share our insights, and answer any questions.
  • $150 per hour, paid in advance.

Remote Site Analysis

  • Satellite imagery and mapping technologies allow us to collect important information about your site without having to walk through it. This allows us to support you early in the design process, regardless of your location. After reviewing your information, we schedule a 2-hour video phone call and present you with a 6-10 page report.
  • Price depends on project size and complexity, generally ranging from $1500 – $3,000.

Here is a link to a Roadside Syntropic Planting Diagram. We believe in sharing, and as we develop more planting diagrams for and with clients, we will continue to share them here. Thanks for supporting the recreation of Heaven on Earth.

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