Homesteading in the Tropics is a Wild Adventure!

Avoid Frustration and Regrets. Choose Your Guides Wisely.

REGENESIS in collaboration with Perma Vida Foundation provides professional permaculture services guided by the 3 Ethics of Permaculture: Care for the Earth, Care for the People and Fair Share. We help our clients achieve their goals while serving our planet, caring for our fellow human beings, and supporting a more equitable distribution of resources for present and future generations.


Our permaculture membership programs are what allow us to more effectively connect and support land owners and land stewards throughout the tropics. By cultivating our local and regional abundance, efficiency, and resilience, we are nurturing a brighter future for our families and all of humanity.

Permaculture Membership Options

REGENESIS Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Site Analysis

Make informed decisions about the management of your site, avoiding potential setbacks and optimizing your location.

From satellite imagery to soil analysis, we have the tools and connections to support you in getting to know the opportunities and obstacles unique to your site.

Permaculture Design Services

Permaculture Site Design

Designing and developing a Holistic Homestead doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Allow us to facilitate the process and ease your burdens and worries. By investing upfront, you’ll experience a more peaceful, confident, and satisfying process, and save yourself time-consuming setbacks, frustrations, and costly lessons learned the hard way.

Agroforestry Design and Mapping

Whether you’re starting with raw pasture or an existing homestead, we can transform your land into a thriving forest garden that is easy to maintain, overflowing with wholesome organic produce, and that nurtures you and your family’s well-being.

With 22+ years of passionate tropical gardening, we will set you up for the fast-track to success and deep fulfillment.

Agroforestry Design and Mapping
REGENESIS Permaculture Homestead Services by Travis Britzke

Permaculture Design Consultations

Join forces with our experts, develop a visionary master plan, and unlock the potential of your project.

Agroforestry Design and Mapping

Transform your land into a thriving forest garden with our Agroforestry Design and Mapping services.

Syntropic planting diagram

Remote Site Analysis

Our Remote Site Analysis empowers you to make informed decisions regardless of your location.

Slope map analysis 3D

Other Services

Connect with our team for one-on-one consultations, specialized trainings and other personalized services.

Permaculture Design Consulting

Designing your land project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With our Permaculture Design Consultations we set you on track to transform your land into a thriving living project in constant evolution.

Solutions tailored to the unique characteristics and context of the land

Informed Holistic Decision-Making

Maximizing Resource Efficiency

Agroforestry Design and Mapping

Dreaming of a lush forest garden? Whether you have a small budget or a large-scale project, we offer customizable options that suit your needs. Our professional digital designs, GPS mapping services, and detailed documentation ensure effective communication and seamless management of your agroforestry project.

Embrace the enhanced regenerative capacity of well applied Syntropic Agroforestry

Optimized Design for Productive Forest Gardens

Effective Communication and Management

Remote Site Analysis

Elevate your permaculture design process. Reap on the benefits of advanced satellite imagery and mapping technologies to provide you with vital insights about your project. Enhance your design decisions and effectively communicate with clients as you create regenerative landscapes aligned with permaculture principles.

Accessibility & Convenience

Time and Cost Savings

Comprehensive Insights and Decision Support

More Consulting and Training services

Transform Your land Project with more Expert Consultation and Personalized Services for Lasting Success.

Tailored Support

Expertise and Knowledge

Empowerment and Confidence

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Testimonials for Travis Britzke and REGENESIS Permaculture

“Travis played a pivotal role in the reforestation of our permaculture education center, Finca Fruition, now known as Selva del Sol. His dedication during his stays with us was instrumental in transforming the pasture lands that we took stewardship of.

Travis’s passion and commitment to re-gardening this planet are empowered by his many years practicing his trade at countless farms around Latin America. I know many of the other farm owners that he’s worked with and he deserves the excellent reputation he’s earned.

Studying with Travis goes beyond learning land management skills; it’ll guide you to a connection with the plants and the planet that’ll forever change the way you relate with the world around you. If you’re considering learning from him, trust your instincts. You’ll have made a wise decision.”

Jason Thomas

“Travis Britzke is a highly knowledgeable weaver of many talents. His understanding of permaculture and his cultural sensitivities make him an incredible guide on your journey of understanding regenerative living. He is a joy to be around. Bringing humility, humor and wisdom to any conversation he graces. I highly recommend him!”

Terra Nova

Recuerdo con cariño que cuando conocí Travis era el primer extranjero practicando Permacultura que estaba realmente integrando a la comunidad Tica y viviendo la esencia de la permacultura.    Admiro un montón su trabajo.  Sabe muchas cosas que son realmente útiles basado en la experiencia, no solo aprendido por youtube o de libros.    

I fondly remember that when I met Travis he was the first foreigner practicing Permaculture who was truly integrating the Tica community and living the essence of permaculture. I admire his work a lot. He knows a lot of really useful things based on experience, not just learned from YouTube or books.


When we moved to CR, I had no knowledge of permaculture whatsoever – I just knew I wanted to plant food. Travis helped us evaluate the viability of a piece of land before we even purchased it, then held our hand through the entire process of design, sourcing trees, and installation. His knowledge of where to place different plants (depending on sun exposure, which direction the hill is facing, taking into account water saturation from runoff patterns, views, etc) was invaluable to the success of the project.  Besides the tangible help of design and project management, Travis was also a great introduction to the ways of life here in CR and a patient example to help transition our understanding/expectations from the very “States-based” mindset that doesn’t serve anyone too well in the jungle!  Recommended with all my heart.

Sam and Family

Happy in Costa Rica

Travis has managed care of my small farm in Costa Rica for almost a year now. He has been an amazing blessing to this land and has transformed it in countless productive ways. From planning to design, planting, soil building, composting, pruning, trail building, help supervision, networking, community building, sourcing plants and materials, etc. He’s very knowledgeable and experienced in the ways of food production. Easy to work with and a natural teacher with enthusiasm for creating abundance and community, an internship with Travis would be a very educational, rewarding and rich experience.

Richie DC

Costa Rica

Travis is a 24/7 mentor. ready to lead by example applying rooted-informed holistic practices in all projects he participates with.


I wish I had hired Travis years ago…I would have saved a lot of money, time, hassle, and frustration….and me and my family would have surely enjoyed the whole journey, a whole lot more.  Invest upfront in good design… or spend more money learning the hard way.


Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica

Permaculture Ethic in Action – FAIRSHARE.

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