REGENESIS Permaculture Design & Consulting

On-Site Services

  • Walk & Talk
    • Show us your project site. We will share our observations and insights. Feel free to ask any questions.
    • $250 per hour (minimum 2) plus travel cost ($0.50 per kilometer)
  • On-Site Analysis
    • An in-depth visit focused on information gathering and evaluation of the site’s potential to meet client’s goals.
    • Minimum of 3 hours on-site followed by a 6 to 10 page report
    • Price depends on the project size and detail.
  •   Permaculture Master Planning
    • Our most complete service to create a master plan guided by Holistic Decision Making. This includes a detailed process for creating forms of production and future resource base to support our collective dreams. 
    • Price depends on the project size and detail.
  • Agroforestry Design
    • Based on our Site Analysis and client goals, we custom design regenerative forest gardens that nurture wellness.  
    • Price depends on the project size and detail.
  • Implementation Oversight
    • Once we’ve designed a forest garden, we can assist in the real-world preparations, planting, and maintenance. 
    • Price depends on the project size, detail, and capability of the crew.
  • Custom Trainings and Workshops in English and/or Spanish
    • Topics include: Forest Gardening, Syntropic Agroforestry, Tree Pruning, Embodied Permaculture, Ancestral Permaculture, Holistic Decision Making and Living Design Process, Team-Building, Non-Violent Communication, the Way of Council, Dragon Dreaming, and Sociocracy.
    • We are open to new ideas for topics that are in alignment with these.
    • $250 per hour (minimum 2) plus travel cost ($0.50 per kilometer)

Remote Services

  • Video Call Consultation
    • After reviewing your information, we will connect face-to-face, share insights, offer solutions, and answer any questions.
    • $250 per hour (minimum $150 for 30 minutes) in advance
  • Remote Site Analysis
    • Satellite imagery and mapping technologies enable us to gather significant information about your site without walking it. This allows us to support you early in the design process regardless of your location. After reviewing your information, we will schedule a 2-hour phone video call and provide you with a 6-10 page report.
    • Price depends upon project size and scope.

New Client Questionnaire

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. As soon as we review your answers, we will contact you to coordinate a call to explore options for moving forward. Pura Vida!