It’s time for radical change.

Imagine a healthy and abundant planet where humans live in harmony with nature — a world without dependency on centralized economic and political systems, in which everyone’s needs are met with healthy food, clean air, pure water, adequate shelter, and community support.

Perma Vida is cultivating a thriving world. We do this by learning, developing, and sharing effective strategies for regenerative communities and resilient ecosystems.

Our Values

We value optimal health, natural living, permaculture, organic plant-based nutrition, animal freedom, low-tech solutions, local economies, sociocracy, compassionate communication, and holistic education.

Current Projects

The more we support others, the greater our impact.


Finca Perma Vida

At Finca Perma Vida, we practice permaculture, make natural soaps, and provide consulting for homesteaders and social benefit organizations.


Free the Food

Free the Food aims to end artificial scarcity by applying syntropic agriculture to cultivate an abundance of healthy food along public roads.

Support Public Food & Health Freedom for All

Wherever people lack the means to healthy natural living, we have work to do. Just as many hands make light work, many small donations can make a huge difference. Thank you for supporting our mission to cultivate thriving communities worldwide.