Ryan Hetner

Ryan Hetner

Operations Director

Ryan Hetner’s primary focus is on cultivating an environment of love, understanding, and great appreciation for nature. He grew up in a big city but always felt drawn to the world of plants. He started gardening as a child with his mother. They cared for flower and vegetable gardens at their urban home and enjoyed most summer weekends at the family cottage.

His love for nature led him to studying environmental sciences at a University of Guelph, however, the most important things he learned were outside the class. He found his passion for activism with Animal Liberation Collective and Hemp Working Group.

After receiving his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Studies, he began working as a private consultant. He assisted his clients in developing gardens, both indoor and outdoor, specializing in organic sprouts and wheatgrass production.

After visiting Costa Rica in 2016, he decided to move there and pursue a more natural lifestyle in the tropics. He can usually be found in his garden, playing with his son and enjoying a simple lifestyle, surrounded by beautiful and diverse rainforest. His other interests include learning about alternative histories, preparing delicious plant-based foods, exploring spirituality, making music, and connecting with loved-ones.

As Volunteer Director for the Perma Vida Foundation, Ryan enjoys learning and sharing permaculture wisdom with amazing friends from all around the world. Welcome to the Perma Vida family!