Travis Britzke

Permaculture Director

Dedicated to personal and planetary wellness, Travis specializes in supporting the healing of the web of relations between people, culture, and nature. He hails from the forests and lakes of Wisconsin, where he spent much of his youth exploring the natural world, creating “villages” in the sandbox and and local landscape. As captain of his high school football (soccer) team, he demonstrated his leadership abilities with great success.

At University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Travis received high honors for his studies in environmental and social sciences. He wrote his thesis on Sociobiology, Positive Psychology, and Cultural Wellness. After graduating in 2001, he ventured out to test his hypothesis: Humans thrive best in villages.

Travis began his journey with the Peace Corps Panama’s agroforestry program and volunteer support network. He went on to gain experience managing and designing organic farms from Guatemala to Bolivia. Along with exotic and incredible fruits like jackfruit, Travis has a great passion for cultivating perennial edibles and wild weedy “thrival” plants; weaving them into “syntropic forest gardens”.

Beyond the garden, Travis has soaked up the wisdom of the land-based peoples he has met along the way. He served as a social worker with immigrant families and provided tutoring, mentoring, and mediating services for “at-risk” youth. For several years, he’s been leading trainings on Sociocracy, facilitating Hatha Yoga, and offering Shiatsu-inspired bodywork.

Famous among his close friends as a singer-songwriter, he also loves to unleash his inner great ape by dancing, climbing trees, playing frisbee, and making shadow puppet theater with children of all ages. Learn more on his website, Regenesis2020. Viva la Perma Vida!