Homesteading in the Tropics is a Wild Adventure!

Avoid Frustration and Regrets by Choosing Your Guides Wisely.

Are you ready to transform your land into a thriving, sustainable paradise? Our permaculture membership programs are your gateway to a journey filled with rewarding growth, and free from frustrating guesswork.

Why choose our Permaculture Membership?

Time-Saving Expertise

Our experience-based guidance provides you with the homesteading knowledge and management tools you need, right when you need them. Free yourself from endless hours of research and costly trial and error on pest control, plant sourcing, and homestead design.

Energy Efficiency

Channel your efforts in the right direction from the start. Our program’s holistic approach means every bit of your energy contributes to tangible and fulfilling results so you can enjoy the journey, as well as the destination.

Financial Wisdom

Investing in our membership now means avoiding costly mistakes later. Benefit from proven strategies that build momentum and maximize your resources and returns so that your time, energy, and money are well directed into your family’s future.

Frustration-Free Learning

Learn from others’ experiences, not your own setbacks. Our community and expert guidance help you navigate challenges smoothly, turning potential frustrations into opportunities to leverage.

Choose Your Path to Permaculture Mastery

Regenesis Permaculture Membership Packages

Basic Community Package

Lifetime Membership
(One-time payment, save 25%)


Lifetime Membership
(12-monthly payments)

Perfect for beginners on a budget or anyone new to the tropics, offering foundational knowledge and community support. Together, we are all better.
What you’ll get
  • Lifetime Community Access

  • Recorded Bi-Monthly Planning Sessions with Q&A

  • Online resource library

Holistic Homestead Package

Yearly Subscription
(One-time payment, save 25%)


Yearly Subscription
(in 12-monthly payments)

For those ready to deepen their practice with personalized guidance and comprehensive strategies. Upgrade option brings on-site monthly expert insights and support to your unique location and project.
What you’ll get
  • Lifetime Community Access

  • Recorded Bi-Monthly Planning Sessions with Q&A

  • Online resource library

  • Personalized Remote Support (20 min / Week)

  • Optional On-Site Upgrade:
    2 hrs/month On-Site Expert Guidance
    Billed monthly

Abundant Living Premium Package

Yearly Subscription
(One-time payment, save 25%)


Yearly Subscription
(in 12-monthly payments)

The ultimate package for the committed landowner seeking to lead and inspire in sustainable living. Upgrade option brings a full-day of on-site expert guidance with 2 additional hard-working and experienced gardeners.
What you’ll get
  • Lifetime Community Access

  • Recorded Bi-Monthly Planning Sessions with Q&A

  • Online resource library

  • Enhanced Weekly Remote Support
    (1 hour/Week)

  • On-Site Training and Supervision
    One 4-hour visit / month (+transport)

  • Optional All Hands On Deck Upgrade:
    A monthly 8-hour day with Travis and 2 additional skilled workers On-Site
    Billed monthly

Don’t let your vision for a thriving homestead be derailed by avoidable mistakes and common pitfalls. Join our community of like-minded stewards and expert teachers and jump-start your journey into a flourishing, regenerative lifestyle today.

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🌿 Feeling Unsure About Joining Our Membership? Let’s Talk It Through! 🌟

At REGENESIS Permaculture, we understand that embarking on a permaculture journey is a significant decision. If you’re on the fence about joining our membership or wanting more clarity in choosing the package and upgrade that’s best for you, we’re here to help clear the air.

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Our discovery calls are designed to:

  • Address Your Queries: Get answers to your specific questions and concerns.
  • Explore Your Goals: Discuss your homesteading aspirations and how our membership options align with them.
  • Ease Your Decision: Understand the full scope and benefits of our program, helping you make the best choice for your future.

This no-obligation call is an opportunity for you to learn more about our community, resources, and expert guidance. Whether you’re new to Permaculture or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, our team is ready to assist.

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A Detailed Look at the Membership Packages

🌱 Lifetime Community Membership: All Membership packages include the following Lifetime access:

  1. Live Bi-Monthly Planning Sessions & Q&A: Tailored for the tropics, providing season-specific guidance, ensuring your homesteading efforts are both timely and effective. Recordings available to members.
  2. Lifetime Community Forum Access: Cultivate life-long alliances with a network of like-minded homesteaders sharing similar challenges and triumphs.
  3. Access to our Online Library: Benefit from our collection of practical and valuable documents for designing and managing your Holistic Homestead. These “living documents” continually improve as we gain collective experience and insights from our interconnected journey of cultivating personal and planetary wellness.

🌱 $396 Lifetime Access: 12 monthly payments of $33

🌱 $297 One-time Payment (Save 25%)

To offer the most wholesome and diverse cohort experience, for every 3 memberships purchased, we are offering one scholarship to young and passionate Gardeners, Farmers, and Permaculture Practitioners. Here we exercise the Permaculture Ethic of FairShare as we pay it forward into the youth and future generations.

Would you like to donate in the spirit of sponsoring young gardeners and change-makers? Donate here $55 for each annual scholarship you’d like to offer. Planting Seeds for a Better Tomorrow, Today.

Know someone who might be right for this scholarship opportunity? Here’s a link to the scholarship application.

🌿 Holistic Homestead Membership: $222/month (Add-On: +$111 for 2-Hour Site Visit). Includes All Lifetime Community Benefits plus the following:

  1. Personalized Remote Support: 20-minute weekly consultations leverage the Holistic Decision Making Framework to enhance efficiency and resource use while converting your unique challenges into opportunities, enabling precise, dream-aligned decisions to advance your project and customize it to your desires.
  2. Upgrade Option: On-Site Expert Guidance ( for an additional $111 + transport): A Monthly 2-hour site visit with Travis, tailored to your team and project offering hands-on advice and practical guidance, so you can stay on track, avoid common pitfalls, and capitalize on opportunities that might otherwise be missed, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of your resources.

🌿 Pay annually and save 25% plus ensure our availability and commitment to you and your project.

Holistic Homestead Membership:

  • $1,188 : 12 monthly payments of $99
  • $891 : One-time Payment (Save 25%)
  • On-Site Expert Guidance – Add-On (Upgrade for an additional $111 billed monthly + transport) (Limited Offer….Only 6 Available)

🌳 Abundant Living Premium Membership: $555/month + transport

Includes All Holistic Homestead Membership Benefits plus:

  1. Enhanced Weekly Remote Support: Weekly 1-hour expert remote support for ongoing guidance and learning, so you can smoothly progress in your journey, staying ahead of potential issues while enhancing your skills, knowledge, and decision making.
  2. Extended On-Site Training & Supervision: A 4-hour comprehensive site visit each month with Travis addressing specific challenges in your tropical ecosystem, so you can gain in-depth, personalized solutions and strategies tailored to your unique environmental conditions, leading to a more empowered team and a flourishing homestead.
  3. All Hands On Deck Upgrade Option: Extend and Amplify Travis’ monthly visit to a full, 8-hour day with 2 additional skilled and trained workers and pay just $750/month, so you can accelerate your project’s development, tackle larger tasks more efficiently, and benefit from the collective expertise and labor, ensuring significant progress and high-quality results in your homesteading efforts.

🌳 Pay annually and save 25% plus ensure our availability and commitment to you and your project.

  • Abundant Living Premium Membership:
    • Payment Plans:
    • $5,988 : 12 monthly payments of $499
    • $4,491 : One-time Payment (Save 25%)
  • All Hands On Deck Upgrade Option: Extend and Amplify Travis’ monthly visit to a full, 8 hour day with 2 additional skilled and trained workers and pay just $330/ month

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🌱 Lifetime Community Membership

This is for you if…

  • You’re starting your journey in tropical homesteading and seeking foundational knowledge.
  • You want seasonal guidance and advice specific to the challenges of the tropics.
  • You’re looking for a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  • You have at least an acre of property dedicated to food systems and want to learn how to best utilize it.
  • You’re committed to cultivating a holistic lifestyle and you recognize that you will better succeed with ongoing professional support.
  • You appreciate the value of expert-led webinars and Q&A sessions for continuous learning.
  • You’re on a budget but still want access to quality information and a supportive network.

🌿 Holistic Homestead Membership

This upgrade is for you if…

  • You’re looking for personalized project management support to optimize your time and resources.
  • You desire weekly remote consultations for ongoing, specific challenges and opportunities.
  • You have access to capital to invest in your homestead and are looking for expert advice to ensure it’s well spent.
  • You’re interested in hands-on advice and practical guidance directly on your site (with the optional add-on).
  • You’re dedicated to creating a resilient, sustainable lifestyle and willing to invest in expert guidance.

🌳 Abundant Living Premium Membership

This upgrade is for you if…

  • You are deeply committed to establishing an advanced, resilient tropical homesteading lifestyle.
  • You’re looking for comprehensive support, including enhanced weekly expert remote guidance.
  • You want extended, in-depth on-site training and supervision to address your unique on site challenges and opportunities.
  • You’re prepared for a significant investment in your homesteading project, seeking the highest level of expert involvement and outcomes.
  • You wish to have an option for “All Hands On Deck” to amplify your efforts with skilled and trained workers.
  • You’re aiming to become a shining example in your community, inspiring others with your success in sustainable living.
  • You see your homesteading project not just as a personal venture, but as a legacy and a model for future generations.

Each membership level is tailored to cater to different stages and intensities of commitment to homesteading, offering a range of support from basic guidance to comprehensive, hands-on involvement.

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“Travis played a pivotal role in the reforestation of our permaculture education center, Finca Fruition, now known as Selva del Sol. His dedication during his stays with us was instrumental in transforming the pasture lands that we took stewardship of.
Travis’s passion and commitment to re-gardening this planet are empowered by his many years practicing his trade at countless farms around Latin America. I know many of the other farm owners that he’s worked with and he deserves the excellent reputation he’s earned.
Studying with Travis goes beyond learning land management skills; it’ll guide you to a connection with the plants and the planet that’ll forever change the way you relate with the world around you. If you’re considering learning from him, trust your instincts. You’ll have made a wise decision.”

– Jason Thomas, Founder of Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

“Travis Britzke is a highly knowledgeable weaver of many talents. His understanding of permaculture and his cultural sensitivities make him an incredible guide on your journey of understanding regenerative living. He is a joy to be around. Bringing humility, humor and wisdom to any conversation he graces. I highly recommend him!”

– Terra Nova, Founder of Holistic Life Tribe

“Recuerdo con cariño que cuando conocí Travis era el primer extranjero practicando Permacultura que estaba realmente integrando a la comunidad Tica y viviendo la esencia de la permacultura. Admiro un montón su trabajo. Sabe muchas cosas que son realmente útiles basado en la experiencia, no solo aprendido por youtube o de libros. I fondly remember that when I met Travis he was the first foreigner practicing Permaculture who was truly integrating the Tica community and living the essence of permaculture. I admire his work a lot. He knows a lot of really useful things based on experience, not just learned from YouTube or books.”

– Santiago Miranda, Molinos Verdes de Moringa

“When we moved to CR, I had no knowledge of permaculture whatsoever – I just knew I wanted to plant food. Travis helped us evaluate the viability of a piece of land before we even purchased it, then held our hand through the entire process of design, sourcing trees, and installation. His knowledge of where to place different plants (depending on sun exposure, which direction the hill is facing, taking into account water saturation from runoff patterns, views, etc) was invaluable to the success of the project. Besides the tangible help of design and project management, Travis was also a great introduction to the ways of life here in CR and a patient example to help transition our understanding/expectations from the very “States-based” mindset that doesn’t serve anyone too well in the jungle! Recommended with all my heart.”

– Sam and Family, Happy in Costa Rica

“Travis has managed care of my small farm in Costa Rica for almost a year now. He has been an amazing blessing to this land and has transformed it in countless productive ways. From planning to design, planting, soil building, composting, pruning, trail building, help supervision, networking, community building, sourcing plants and materials, etc. He’s very knowledgeable and experienced in the ways of food production. Easy to work with and a natural teacher with enthusiasm for creating abundance and community, an internship with Travis would be a very educational, rewarding and rich experience.”

– Richie DiCapua, San Salvador de Baru, Costa Rica

“Travis is a 24/7 mentor. ready to lead by example applying rooted-informed holistic practices in all projects he participates with.”

– Randall Saborío, Vice-President of Diamante Bridge Collective, Costa Rica

“I wish I had hired Travis years ago…I would have saved a lot of money, time, hassle, and frustration….and me and my family would have surely enjoyed the whole journey, a whole lot more. Invest upfront in good design… or spend more money learning the hard way.”

– Miguel, Finca Amrta, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica