Finca Diamante Luz

Diamante Luz is a collaborative eco-community living in balance with nature. With a Spanish name that means “Diamond Light”, D-Luz offers enlightening opportunities to learn about ecological restoration, land-based commons creation, sociocracy, food security via permaculture and syntropic agroforestry, farm-to-table food, homegrown medicine, and a variety of artisan trades. 

Residents of Diamante Luz coalesced around the idea of living and working together in a beautiful natural environment, meeting their needs in a healthy way, teaching others about the solutions they find most effective and enjoyable, and mentoring new leaders of environmentally-responsible businesses. 

They share a passion for healthy soil, pure water, clean air, and beautiful sustainable structures. The land is blessed with two majestic waterfalls and a spring that is currently being restored and replenished through reforestation. Three hectares (7.4 acres) of the farm has been set aside to protect the forest and waterways.

Diamante Luz is a place that cultivates personal development through community interaction. As an evolving ecovillage still in its early stages of development, there are many opportunities for collective and personal land stewardship, and regenerative investment for the benefit of future generations. 

As a result of collaboration with their like-minded neighbors, Diamante Bridge Collective was formed. As a non-profit collective association, DBC membership includes other local farming communities, individuals, and social benefit organizations with a common vision: to cultivate a thriving macro-ecovillage in the Diamante Valley.

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